J. Paul Getty Museum - Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles County Museum of Art - Los Angeles, California, USA

Museum of Contemporary Art - Los Angeles, California, USA

Museum of Jurassic Technology - Los Angeles, California, USA

Museum of Latin American Art - Long Beach, California, USA

Norton Simon Museum of Art - Pasadena, California, USA

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art - San Francisco, California, USA

Museum of Contemporary Art - San Diego, California, USA

Liberace Museum - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Georga O'Keeffe Museum - Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Contemporary Arts Museum - Houston, Texas, USA

The Menil Collection - Houston, Texas, USA

Museum of Contemporary Art - Chicago, Illinois, USA

Art Institute of Chicago - Chicago, Illinois, USA

Museum of Modern Art - New York, New York, USA

Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York, New York, USA

Whitney Museum of American Art - New York, New York, USA

Guggenheim Museums - New York, New York USA,Bilbao Spain,Venice Italy, Berlin Germany

Brooklyn Museum of Art - Brooklyn, New York, USA

New Museum of Contemporary Art - New York, New York, USA

Alternative Museum - New York, New York, USA

Philadelphia Museum of Art - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Andy Warhol Museum - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Museum of Fine Arts - Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Institute of Contemporary Art - Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Museum of Bad Art - Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Hirshhorn Museum - Washington D.C., USA

National Gallery of Art - Washington D.C., USA

Louvre Museum - Paris, France

Uffizi - Florence, Italy

Vatican - Vatican City, Italy

Museum of Modern Art - Stockholm, Sweden

Göteborg Museum of Art - Göteborg, Sweden

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art - Humiebaek, Denmark

Museum of Modern Art Ludwig Foundation - Vienna, Austria

Art & Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany - Bonn, Germany

Kunsthalle Hamburg - Hamberg, Germany

National Gallery of Art - London, England

TATE - London, England

Kunsthalle Bern - Bern, Switzerland

Museum Jean Tinguely - Basel, Switzerland

Fotomuseum - Winterthur, Switzerland

Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art - Amsterdam, Holland

Rijksmuseum - Amsterdam, Holland

Museum of Modern Art - Mexico City, Mexico

Museum of Modern Art - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Museum of Contemporary Art - Sydney, Australia

National Museum of Western Art - Tokyo, Japan

Kyoto National Museum - Kyoto, Japan




National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) - Washington D.C., USA

National Assembly of State Arts Agencies - Washington D.C., USA

Arts Education Partnership - Washington D.C., USA

Americans for the Arts - Washington D.C., USA

Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions - Los Angeles, California, USA

Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles - Los Angeles, California, USA

LA Artcore - Los Angeles, California, USA

Iota Center - Los Angeles, California, USA

American Film Institute - Los Angeles, California, USA

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences - Los Angeles, California, USA

Armory Center for the Arts - Pasadena, California, USA

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts - San Francisco, California, USA

Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum - Santa Barbara, California, USA

California Center for the Arts - Escondido, California, USA

Chinati Foundation - Marfa, Texas, USA

Nevada Institute for Contemporary Art - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Walker Art Center - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art - Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Artists Space - New York, New York, USA

Exit Art / First World - New York, New York, USA

PS1 - New York, New York, USA

DIA Center for the Arts - New York, New York, USA

Institute of Contemporary Art - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Grounds for Sculpture - Hamilton, New Jersey

Canada Council for the Arts - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Institute of Visual Culture - Cambridge, England

Film and Video Umbrella - London, England

The Foundation for Art & Creative Technology - Liverpool, England

The Physics Room - Christchurch, New Zealand

Intercommunication Center - Tokyo, Japan

Deste Foundation, Centre for Contemporary Art - Athens, Greece

Generali Foundation - Vienna, Austria

Arti et Amicitae - Amsterdam, Holland

The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation - Stockholm, Sweden




Gagosian Gallery - Los Angeles, New York, USA

Chac Mool Gallery - Los Angeles, USA

Cirrus Gallery - Los Angeles, USA

La Luz de Jesus Gallery - Los Angeles, USA

Robert Savedra Gallery - Los Angeles, USA

INMO Gallery - Los Angeles, USA

Miller Durazo - Los Angeles, USA

Patricia Correia Gallery - Santa Monica, USA

Mark Moore Gallery - Santa Monica, USA

Track 16 Gallery - Santa Monica, USA

Ruth Bachofner - Santa Monica, USA

Griffin Contemporary - Venice, USA

Cruz LA Gallery - Venice, USA

Sandroni Rey - Venice, USA

Refusalon Gallery - San Francisco, USA

LINC Real Art Gallery - San Francisco, USA

Brian Gross Fine Art - San Francisco, USA

Haines Gallery - San Francisco, USA

Rena Bransten Gallery - San Francisco, USA

Jernigan Wicker Fine Arts - San Francisco, USA

Elliott Brown Gallery - Seattle, USA

Winston Wächter Fine Art - Seattle, USA

Greg Kucera Gallery - Seattle, USA

Lisa Harris Gallery - Seattle, USA

Howard House - Seattle, USA

Eyre / Moore Gallery - Seattle, USA

William Traver Gallery - Seattle, USA

ARC Gallery - Chicago, USA

Locks Gallery - Philadelphia, USA

Nielsen Gallery - Boston, USA

Pace Wildenstein - New York, USA

Jay Grimm Gallery - New York, USA

Florence Lynch Gallery - New York, USA

Nicholas Davies Gallery - New York, USA

Barbara Gladstone Gallery - New York, USA

Friedrich Petzel Gallery - New York, USA

Max Protetch - New York, USA

Barbara Ann Levy Gallery - New York, USA

Gallery X - New York, USA

The Kitchen - New York, USA

I - 20 - New York, USA

303 Gallery - New York, USA

The Project - New York, USA

Pierogi - New York, USA

Bonakdar Jancou Gallery - New York, USA

Christophe Van De Weghe Fine Art - New York, USA

Ronald Feldman Fine Arts - New York, USA

Galeria Ramis Barquet - New York, USA

Conner Contemporary Art - Washington D.C., USA

Marsha Mateyka Gallery - Washington D.C., USA

Asprey Jacques - London, England

Stephen Friedman Gallery - London, England

Blains Fine Art - London, England

South London Gallery - London, England

White Cube - London, England

Emily Tingou Gallery - London, England

The Showroom - London, England

Victoria Miro Gallery - London, England

Timothy Taylor Gallery - London, England

Ikon Gallery - Birmingham, England

Nils Staerk - Copenhagen, Denmark

Galerie Mark Müller - Zurich, Switzerland

ars Futura Galerie - Zurich, Switzerland

Galerie Bob Gysin - Zurich, Switzerland

Galerie Schedler - Zurich, Switzerland

Annemarie Verna Galerie - Zurich, Switzerland

Galerie Hauser & Wirth & Presenhuber - Zurich, Switzerland

Galerie Stockeregg - Zurich, Switzerland

Galerie Jamileh Weber - Zurich, Switzerland

Daniel Blaise Thorens - Basle, Switzerland

Zinc Gallery - Stockholm, Sweden

Galerie Ulrich Fiedler - Köln, Germany

EIGEN + ART - Berlin, Germany

Kapinos - Berlin, Germany

Galerie Nordenhake - Berlin, Germany

Galerie Barbara Thumm - Belin, Germany

Contemporary Fine Arts - Berlin, Germany

Klosterfelde - Berlin, Germany

Galerie Ulrich Fiedler - Cologne, Germany

Monika Sprüth Philomene Magers - Munich, Germany

Voges + Deisen - Frankfurt, Germany

Galeria Helga De Alvear - Madrid, Spain

Fondazione Prada - Milan, Italy

Galeria Mario Sequeira - Portugal

Espace Ernst Hilger - Paris, France

Galerie Jerome de Noirmont - Paris, France

Galerie Art Concept - Paris, France

Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac - Paris, France

Goodman Gallery - Johannesburg, South Africa






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