The Shadow of the Earth on the Moon
Jim Ovelmen


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Exhibition: The Shadow of the Earth on the Moon, an exhibition by Jim Ovelmen

Including live video link between POST and London Street Projects
By Mehran and Mehrdad Ayati

Exhibition Dates: March 22 - April 26th, 2003
Regular Hours: Thursday - Saturday, 12:00 noon - 6:00 PM
Reception: Saturday, March22, 7:00 - 10:00 PM

Post is pleased to present an exhibition by Jim Ovelmen

According to the artist:

"This installation started as a proof of concept of something; maybe that our movie memory of props and our world of artifacts either succeed or fail to tell the story of their materials. Celestial phenomena may incite a longing to be an eye-witness and emphasize an anxiety over absence and presence, being here or there. The determination of a mission is either heroic or imperialistic, as if we must go someplace as a collective to perceive as territory that which was ours only to perceive. A question of presence and rationality is presented, and that of site-seen ownership, knowing that heavenly bodies are always brought into convergence with politics and the perception of nature.

Secondly, to install a show for Habib Kheradyar's Post gallery means, for me, to think of two floors connected, and the elevator ride to the little gallery upstairs. For Post, this ride would complete a circuit. Activating a camera underneath Post's elevator; it looks below, into it's dark foundation, into the minute layers of fallen bits and particles of old elevator installations; presenting an archeology of Post de-installation detritus --including a few scattered button-sized cartoon eyes that were parts of a large plastic sculpture that had broken free and fell to its inconspicuous grave. I thought of them as a snail's eyes pointing in wild directions, casting them and therefore it's body into impossible territories. As if it had a divine right go there."

Mehran and Mehrdad Ayati will create a live video link between POST and London Street Projects during the opening reception.